ASAMI, Atsuyuki

Current Position

Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Research Field, Activities and Interests

I have been trying to decipher the non-market mechanism of rural economy. Rural economy is administrated by not only the market mechanism by which the price affects supply and demand, but also the concrete non-market institutions such as farmer’s organization, food system, administrative organ, or judicial system and so on. The rural institutions involve not only these formal one but also informal institutions such as culture or traditional practice. I have been targeting these non-market institutions of rural areas in Asian countries such as China or Japan and tried to clarify the mechanism design of these rural institutions by using micro economics.
However, these institutions involve each individuality of each area and the individuality cannot be analyzed by only using micro economics. I adopted the new institutional economics methodology which involves organizational economics, contract theory, economics and law, and comparative institutional analysis to study the individual mechanism of each rural institutions.


PhD in Agricultural Economics, Kyoto University

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