Project Associate Professor

DUNCAN, Jessica

Current Position

Assistant Professor, Rural Sociology Group, School of Social Sciences, Wageningen University

Research Activities and Interests

I study multi-national policy processes, focussing specifically on how, why, and to what effect civil society actors participate therein. I research what people do to make and contest food policy, why they do what they do, and what the implications of their practices are, or might be. My research into participation centres around food policy negotiations. Food policy refers to any decision, programme or project endorsed by an organisation which effects how food is produced, processed, distributed, purchased, protected and disposed. I am particularly interested in practices of participation around public food policy: public policies are developed by governments, be they local, regional, national or international.


Food Policy (PhD)
Centre for Food Policy, Department of Sociology
City University London (UK) (2014)

Sociology (MA)
Department of Sociology
University of Victoria (Canada) (2007)

Sociology and Political Studies (BA hons)
Bishop’s University (Canada) (2004)

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