Project Professor

FUESS, Harald

Current Position

Professor for Cultural Economic History and Director of the Graduate Program in Transcultural Studies, Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe,” Heidelberg University

Research Field, Activities and Interests

Professor Fuess currently examines the wide impact of Western industrial and mercantile capitalism on East Asian economies and cultures during the long nineteenth century. His case studies are connecting the global and the local through topics such as arms trade, treaty ports societies, consular jurisdiction, international epidemics, diplomatic disputes on trademarks, the role of the multilingual press, multinational business histories, and transcultural fusions of consumer cultures.
He is also organizing a large collaborative research project with numerous colleagues in the United States, Europe and Japan. Activities include several international conferences on three continents reassessing the Meiji Restoration of 1868, Japanese modernization, and global history. Several books and special journal issues are in progress on this important topic.


PhD in History, Harvard University

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