Project Professor


Current Position

Associate professor at Rural Sociology, Wageningen University

Research Activities and Interests

Joost Jongerden is interested in research related to the following set of themes.
        •Urban and rural reconstruction/transformation
        •Self-organisation, autonomous geographies, resistance
        •Migration and mobility
        •Relational theory

Courses he has been teaching and/or coordinating are:
PhD courses
Spatial thinking in the social sciences (since 2014)
Critical perspectives on social theory (Since 2013)
Investigating technology: politics, power and the social shaping of technology (2011)
MSc courses (past and present)
A global sense of place: place based approaches of development (RSO55306)
Advanced Social Theory (RSO 32806)
Geopolitics and strategic communication (CPT 54306)
Sociology in development (RDS32806)
Sociological theories of rural transformation (RDS30306)
Theory and practices of development (RDS31806)
Theorizing development: implications for research (RSO34306)
BSc courses (past and present)
Sociology and anthropology of health (RSO 12806)
Sociology and anthropology of place shaping (RSO56806)


MSc in rural sociology at Wageningen University (1991) and PhD in social sciences at Wageningen University (2006) in the Netherlands, supervised by Professor Paul Richards, chair of the Technology and Agrarian Development research group at Wageningen University and Professor Martin van Bruinessen, chair of Comparative Studies of Modern Muslim Societies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Also holding the basic teaching qualification (BKO), the ultimate proof of didactic competence for lecturers in academic education in the Netherlands.

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