Historical Approach Seminar Business History Kyoto

  • Business History & Industry Policy Studies

  • Two-days seminar will be held by receiving the researchers in Business history.
    No registration required.
    We look forward to your participation!

    March 12th – 13th, 2017

    Mizuho Hall (B1F), Faculty of Law/Economics East Bldg.

    Day 1 (March 12th, Sun)
    15:00-17:00 Chair: Takafumi Kurosawa
    • Asli Colpan (Kyoto University)
    • Ben Wubs (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
    • Tanaka Akira (Kyoto University)

    Day 2 (March 13th, Mon)
    15:00-16:30 Chair: Gerarda Westerhuis
    • Takafumi Kurosawa (Kyoto University)
    • Christina Lubinski (Copenhagen Business School)
    • Junko Watanabe (Kyoto University)

    16:30-16:50 Coffee Break

    16:50-17:50 Chair: Daniel Wadhwani
    • Grerarda Westerhuis (Utrecht University)
    • Daniel R. Wadhawani (University of the Pacific)

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    [Organized by]
    Economic History Seminar, Graduate School of Economicss, Kyoto University
    [Supported by]
    Kyoto University Asian Platform for Global Sustainability & Transcultural Studies (AGST)