Call for entries: AGST Overseas Challenge Programme 2018

  • Environmental Policy & Rural Development Studies
  • Business History & Industry Policy Studies
  • Developing & Emerging Economies Studies
  • International Trade & Financial Studies
  • Business Management & Accounting Studies

  • The Graduate Schol of Economics (GSE) is pleased to announce the commencement of the call for entries for Overseas Challenge Programme 2018.
    The AGST Overseas Challenge Programme aims to provide students from GSE with a unique opportunity to advance their research projects by spending time abroad gathering information and exchanging with experts in their field of study.

    All the applications will be screened by the AGST committee from the GSE on the basis of the submitted research proposal to determine eligibility.
    If selected, students get financial support to help cover travel and accommodation fees.

    [Application process & Eligibility requirements]
    Application guideline (pdf 178KB)

    [Application period]
    From 1st June 2018 to 25th June 2018.

    [Application form]
    form 1 Application form (.docx 36KB)

    [Other forms for successful applicants]
    form 2 Research proposal(.docx 29KB)
    form 3 Research schedule (.xls 52KB)
    form 4 Letter of support(.pdf 932KB)
    form 5 推薦理由書(.docx 30KB)
    form 6 Pledge(.pdf 110KB)
    form 7 Completion report

    International Affairs Office
    Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University
    iao.econ [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp
    (please replace [at] with @)