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Economic Development in less developed countries and transition from planned economy to market economy are essentially same trials in that they both entail a struggle to create a well-performing market economy. Economics is obliged to contribute to the trials with appropriate policy suggestions, informed by scientific tools and analysis which are based on sound empirical evidence with external validity.



This module aims to raise experts in developing and transition economies studies with sophisticated knowledge and skills in Economics, including Econometrics. Furthermore, an ideal expert in developing and transition economies studies, as envisaged by this module, should have excellent skills to obtain insightful findings through field surveys.

Area of Study

  1. Development Economics as a discipline
  2. Comparative Economics as an interdisciplinary approach within Economics
  3. China, Vietnam, Laos, India and other transition and developing economies as field sites
  4. Developing economies such as Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, etc.) as field sites
  5. Transition economies such as Russia and eastern European countries as field sites

Learning Goals

Students participating in this module are expected to become the following types of professionals:

  1. Professional researcher in development and/or comparative Economics
  2. Expert in international development aid
  3. Entrepreneur playing an active role in developing and transition economies
  4. Public servant playing an active role in developing and transition economies

Examples of Courses

  1. Agricultural and Environmental Policy (GSA) 
  2. Development Economics: Advanced (GSE)
  3. Development Economics: Core (GSE)
  4. Econometric Analysis of Asian Economies (GSE)
  5. Econometric Analysis of Developing Economies (GSE)
  6. Geopolitical Economy of Development (GSE)
  7. International Development Assistance Policy (GSE)
  8. International Rural Development (GSA) 
  9. Introduction to East Asian Economies (GSE)
  10. Regional Environmental Economics (GSA) 

Core Teaching Staff

(Module Leader, Professor, GSE)
ASAMI, Atsuyuki
(Professor, GSA)
ITO, Junichi
(Professor, GSA)
UMETSU, Chieko
(Professor, GSA)
KONO, Hisaki
(Associate Professor, GSE)
YU, Xiaohua
(Project Professor, AGST / Professor, University of Göttingen)