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International trade and international finance are two major fields of study in international economics. In the era of globalisation, it is very important for both business persons and public officials to understand how countries are connected with one another through trade in goods and services and financial transactions. International trade and financial studies investigate various issues in the fields of international economics from both theoretical and empirical points of view.


The objective of this module is to provide essential knowledge in international economics and to develop students’ research skills in international economics and related fields. Emphasis is placed on the advanced level of theoretical and empirical studies in international trade and finance.

Area of Study

This module covers the fields of international trade theory, empirical studies in international trade, international finance, and international macroeconomics. Topics addressed in this track include theories of international trade, international trade policy, globalisation strategies of firms, foreign direct investment, trade and the environment/natural resources, various issues in international finance, international monetary system, prices and monetary policy, real exchange rates, economic

Learning Goals

Students participating in this module are expected to acquire skills in applying economic theory and econometric method to various issues in the real world related to international trade and finance. It is our educational goal that our students enhance their understanding of economic activities and policy issues in the international markets through the track’s course work.

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