AKITSU, Motoki

Current Position

Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Research Field, Activities and Interests

I have been interested in two main research fields. One of them is about thinking on what is necessary for the survival of the deteriorating rural communities in Japan. Their vitalities are declining as a result of aging and depopulation, therefore their reorganizations, including governmental rural policies, have become a matter of concern. Struggling for the problems, I have conducted the study on urban-to-rural migrants, new rural-urban relationships, and so on. The second interest I have is about ethics of food consumption. The power of farmers has been weakened in the total food system in recent years, while retail and food processing companies in the intermediate parts of the food system have been boosting their controlling power. Food consumers should imagine the side of food production sector, as well as environmental constraints for sustainability. This concern is relatively my new topic, having been studied on local food consumption, ethical food choice and shared food future in local community.


PhD in Agricultural Economics, Kyoto University

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