Program-specific Assistant Professor

FEUER, Hart Nadav


PhD (Dr. agr.) in Agricultural Sciences and Rural Sociology, University of Bonn, Germany
MPhil in Development Studies, Oxford University, England

Research Field

Food studies, Rural sociology, Agricultural economics, Nutrition studies

Research Keywords

Ecological agriculture, Food education, Rice cultivation, National cuisine, Food certification

Research Activities and Interests

My current work compares the role of food education and culinary skills for shaping long-term dietary habits and agricultural preferences in East Asia, Europe, and North America. I am also concurrently studying the impact of new food transparency mechanisms (labeling, certification, awareness programs), and continuing an investigation into the history of smallholder rice intensification in Asia. Formerly, I researched the dietary and culinary transition underway in Cambodia, neo-liberalization in higher education in Southeast Asia, and gender and sustainable agriculture in Jordan.

Selected Publications

[1] Feuer, H.N. (2016) ‘Appropriating nutrition science to valorize traditional cuisine: Is there inherent wisdom in Cambodian customary eating patterns?’, in Kofahl, D. and David, W. (Eds.) Food Culture of Southeast Asia, Springer (Forthcoming).

[2] Feuer, H.N. (2016) ‘Our Land of Milk and Honey: Spirituality in the Transformation of Ecological and Heritage Production’, in Constructing and Defining Food Practices. London: Inter-Disciplinary Press. (Forthcoming).

[3] Feuer, H.N. (2016) Recovering from Runaway Privatization in Cambodian Higher Education: The Regulatory Pressure of ASEAN Integration. SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, 31(1).

[4] Feuer, H.N. (2015) ‘Urban Brokers of Rural Cuisine: Assembling National Cuisine at Cambodian Soup-Pot Restaurants’, Austrian Journal of South-East Asia Studies, Special Issue: The Sovereignty of Food and Health, 8(1): 45-66.

[5] Feuer, H.N., Hornidge, A.-K. (2015) ‘Higher Education Cooperation in ASEAN: Building Towards Integration or Manufacturing Consent?’, Comparative Education, 51(3): 327-35.

[6] Feuer, H.N., Hornidge, A.-K., Schetter, C. (2013) ‘Rebuilding Knowledge: Opportunities and Risks for Higher Education in Post-Conflict Regions’, ZEF Working Paper Series 121, Bonn: Center for Development Research, University of Bonn.

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