Current Position

Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

Research Field, Activities and Interests

My research activities started in the early 1990s with exploring the historical process of the industrial development of agricultural biotechnology with a special focus on corporate strategy of transnational agribusinesses and their interaction with national and international government regulations from a point of view of political economy.
Recent years, I have been following the discourse and politics of food security and food sovereignty, while also paying much attention to the legal and discursive regimes of human rights, including the right to food, as a tool and space to counter the hegemonic regime of neo-liberalism. Another topic of my recent research is about the politics and discourse of CSR in the agribusiness, such as “sustainable standard and certification” initiatives.
For these research topics, multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral, trans-national and critical perspectives are crucial, and they are exactly what our students are encouraged to learn throughout the programme.


PhD in Agricultural Economics, Hokkaido University

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