VIXATHEP, Souksavanh


Ph.D. in Economics, Kobe University
Master of Arts in International Development, International University of Japan
Master of Electrical Engineering, Ilmenau University of Technology

Research Field

Development Economics, Industrialization, Trade and Development, Entrepreneurship

Research Keywords

Industrial Organization, SME development, Entrepreneurship, ASEAN Economies

Research Activities and Interests

    My initial research focused on the evolution of comparative advantage and the structure of international trade at the macro level, and the efficiency and productivity performance of the garment industry at the micro-level in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (CLV).
    To date, my research addresses issues related to poverty reduction and grassroots development, such as topics in farm productivity; land distribution; and microfinance, and issues of industrialization, including productivity growth; human and social capital in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development; and entrepreneurship promotion. Most of my research is based on field study.
    A combination of knowledge in economics and the real world context would help us understand economic development more deeply. Our students are encouraged to learn and gain both types of knowledge – theoretical and practical – in the program.

Selected Publications

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