Top Global Course
For GSE-EA programme Master’s students

Certificate requirements

The following list describes the requirements for earning the AGST Top Global Course certificate. This list only concerns master’s students currently enrolled at the East Asia Sustainable Economic Development Studies (EA) Programme, Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Economics (GSE).

1)   Obtain a total of 30 credits or more, including 12 credits or more in Core Courses (including two compulsory subjects), 10 credits or more in Advanced Courses A*, and 8 credits for thesis research. Any credits that the student earned while being enrolled in a master’s programme at the GSE before starting the AGST Top Global Course can be counted.

2)   Obtain two credits from one of the Advanced Courses A, including (i) courses offered at a partner university that has an international student exchange agreement with the Graduate School of Economics or Kyoto University; or (ii) the International Collaborative Courses that take place at Kyoto University and are offered by GSE professors in collaboration with a guest scholar or lecturer from another country.

3)   Obtain two credits from either (i) Overseas Field Research or (ii) Internship that are under the category of Advanced Courses A.

4)   Pass the master’s thesis examination.

* Students can count the following credits as part of Advanced Courses A; (i) surplus of credits (over 12 credits) earned from Core Courses; (ii) credits from subjects that are not included in the course list of the EA Programme but offered at the GSE, (iii) credits from subjects offered at other graduate schools at Kyoto University.

How to complete the programme

Students must:
1)   Fulfill the course requirements as listed above
2)   Submit a copy of their academic transcript by the end of October (of the second school year)
3)   Submit a copy of grade report by end of August (of the graduate year)

Available courses