[October 9th] Open Seminar” 経済学部公開セミナー「留学×就職=?」”

  • Business History & Industry Policy Studies

  • The Faculty of Economics will hold an open seminar on which entitled
    ” 経済学部公開セミナー「留学×就職=?」”.
    We will invite the president and professors of the Erasmus University Rotterdam to introduce their International programs and also we’d like to share a new project for master degree currently we’re working on.

    No reservation is required
    Admission is free

    We’re looking forward to having you join us!

    [Date & Venue]
    Part 1: 13:00-14:30@ 法経第七教室, 1F, Faculty of Law / Economics Main Bldg.
    Part 2: 14:45-16:00@ Mizuho hall, BF, Faculty of Law / Economics East Bldg.
    *Please be aware of the venue.

    Click here to see the poster.