AGST Module 2 Special Lecture Series (1): “New Approaches to Business History” (2015.02.09-13)

  • Business History & Industry Policy Studies

  • AGST Module 2 (Business History & Industry Policy Studies) invites Professor Ben Wubs to give lectures, seminars, and workshop titled “New Approaches to Business History” from February 9 to 13, 2015.

    Ben Wubs
    Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    Project Associate Professor, Kyoto University (Japan Gateway: Kyoto University Top Global Program)

    Date: February 9 – 13

    Lecture #1: International Business History: The Netherlands and its Multinationals
    Lecture #2: Economic Geography: Rotterdam Port and the German Hinterland
    Lecture #3: Competing Fashion Fairs: Premiere Vision (Paris) and Interstoff (Frankfurt)
    Seminar#1: Enterprise in Globalized Economy
    Seminar#2: State, Region and Business
    Workshop: “Global Luxury and Fashion Business”