Call for entries AGST Top Global Course (starting from October 2020)

  • Environmental Policy & Rural Development Studies
  • Business History & Industry Policy Studies
  • Developing & Emerging Economies Studies
  • International Trade & Financial Studies
  • Business Management & Accounting Studies
  • Asian & Transcultural Studies

  • 人文社会科学系ユニットでは、スーパーグローバルコースへの参加者を募集します。




    Registration for joining the AGST Top Global Course is now open!

    This programme offers participants the chance to take part in intensive courses by invited scholars from abroad. Participants are also encouraged to advance their research at our partner universities in Europe and Asia. Participants who successfully meet all the requirements will be awarded a certificate that contains their detailed academic portfolio separately from the diploma at the time of graduation.

    We currently accept students who were enrolled in a Master or Doctoral course in April 2020, and this is your only chance to join this course. We are waiting for your application if you have interests in studying abroad, conducting research abroad or if you are just interested in joining the courses by invited scholars.

    Please contact the appropriate office at your graduate school for inquiries and information.

    [Application period]
    1st July – 31st August, 2020
    At the time of application, students must be in their 1st year of a Master or Doctoral course at the Graduate School of Economics (GSE), the Graduate School of Letters (GSL) or the Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA)’s Division of Natural Resource Economics.
    [How to apply]
    Check our website and submit the necessary documents to the appropriate office.