Meeting on Joint/Double Degree Programme and Future Partnership with the University of Glasgow

  • Business History & Industry Policy Studies

  • The meeting to explore possibilities of joint/double degree program and future partnership between Kyoto University and University of Glasgow will be held on February 17, 2015 at University of Glasgow.

    [Attendee at the meeting]

      Kyoto University
        Takafumi Kurosawa (Professor, Graduate School of Economics)
        Akira Tanaka (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics)
        Tokiko Ikeda (International Coordinator, Graduate School of Economics)
        Yuko Imai (International Coordinator, Graduate School of Economics)

      University of Glasgow
        Duncan Ross (Senior Lecturer/Course Convenor, School of Social & Political Science)
        Angela Melley (College of Social Sciences International Officer)
        Alexandra Docwra (International Officer focusing on East Asia)