AGST Module 2 Special Lecture Series: “Organizations in Time: History, Theory, Methods” (2015.03.06-10)

  • Business History & Industry Policy Studies

  • wadhwani(1)

    AGST Module 2 (Business History & Industry Policy Studies) invites Professor Daniel Wadhwani to give lectures titled “Organizations in Time: History, Theory, Methods” from March 6 to 10, 2015.

    Professor Daniel Wadhwani
        University of the Pacific / Kyoto University

    Date: March 6-10, 2015

    Lecture #1: The Uses of History in Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    Lecture #2: History and Industry Evolution
    Lecture #3: Historical Approaches to the Study of Entrepreneurship
    Special Lecture #1: The Historic Turn in Management and Organization Research
    Special Lecture #2: History and Organization Studies: New Directions

    For more detailed informration, please see the PDF file.