AGST Module 6 Intensive Lecture Course – Introduction to (Global) Art History

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    Graduate School of Letters invited Professor Michael Falser to give lectures titled “Introduction to (Global) Art History” from Feb 6 to Mar 27, 2017, which is designated to improve English skills by Kyoto University Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS).

    Outline and Purpose of the Course;
    The research field Global Art History is a new one that is being defined by a number of academic institutions worldwide as a response to the challenge posed by global connectivity to existing disciplines. With a certain focus on architecture and the reception process of ‘Asia’, the purpose of the course is to give an introduction to the discipline of art history in general and to the most recent methodological approaches in particular: the epithet ‘global’ is understood here not as an expansive frame to include ‘the world’; rather it draws on a transcultural perspective to question the taxonomies and values that have been built into the discipline of art history since its inception and have been taken as universal.

    Prof. Michael Falser
    Distinguished Visiting Professor, Kyoto University
    Project Leader “Picturesque Modernities”, Heidelberg University

    1. Feb 6, 13:00-14:30、14:45-16:15
    2. Feb 13 , 13:00-14:30、14:45-16:15
    3. Feb 20 , 13:00-14:30、14:45-16:15、16:30-18:00
    4. Feb 27, 13:00-14:30、14:45-16:15
    5. Mar 6, 13:00-14:30、14:45-16:15
    6. Mar 13, 13:00-14:30、14:45-16:15
    7. Mar 27, 13:00-14:30、14:45-16:15

    Classroom 33, North Wing, Lecture Room,Yoshida-South Campus, Academic Center Bldg.

    Session 1
    13:00-14.30 Introduction
    14:45-16.15 Global Historiographies in Art/Architecture (I): Fischer von Erlach (1725)
    Session 2
    13:00-14.30 Architectural Museums (I): South Kensington/London
    14:45-16.15 Architectural Museums (II): Trocadero/Paris
    Session 3
    13:00-14.30 World and Colonial Fairs (I): Japan in Europe
    14:45-16.15 World Fairs (II)_Student Workshop: Japan in Asia (Osaka 1970)
    16:30-18:00 World Fairs (III)_Student Workshop: Japan in Asia (Shanghai 2010)
    Session 4
    13:00-14.30 Orientalist Painting
    14:45-16.15 Orientalist Photography
    Session 5
    13:00-14.30 Chinoiserie
    14:45-16.15 Indian Revival
    Session 6
    13:00-14.30 The Graeco-Buddhist art of Gandhara (I)
    14:45-16.15 The Graeco-Buddhist art of Gandhara (II)
    Session 7
    13:00-14.30 Global Historiographies in Art/Architecture (II): From Fergusson to Fletcher
    14:45-16.15 Student Input/Feedback Session and Wrap-up Discussion

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    Application is accepted by 17:00 of the day one week prior to the first class date in each course. It is treated as the class registration.

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    Accepted only via emails to apply[at]mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp (please replace [at] with @)
    Applicants are requested to send an email titled “Application for Intensive Lecture” .
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